“The Tree”

JOI Guitars is pleased to offer you another of the finest and most coveted woods in the world!"The Tree" wood

In 1965, within the heart of the jungle, a group of loggers came across an exceptional Mahogany tree. Measuring 10ft wide at the mid-trunk and 50ft at the base, it had a spiraled back. This was a sign the wood could be highly figured.

The loggers camped at the base of the giant and felled it with axes. But they were robbed of their prize by fate. On the way down, the tree twisted and landed in a steep ravine. Two D7 tractors were brought in to extricate the fallen tree, but to no avail.

So there it lay until 1971 when a sawmill owner by the name of Robert Novak heard of the giant figured Mahogany tree. In 1983, after some searching, he found the log. The tree was halved, then quartered, and the resulting eight pieces were dragged, carried and floated for 200 miles to a steam powered bandsaw mill.

“It’s more brown than red, and is denser and stiffer than usual for Mahogany. It sounds closer to Rosewood than Mahogany.”