CTV News Congratulates on Slash Build

CTV News and several local newspapers have picked up the story to congratulate JOI Guitars and Reuben Forsland on his legendary contract to build Slash, of Guns N’ Roses, a custom guitar.

View CTV News announcement of Slash commisioned custom guitar

The guitar is on track to be delivered in early December but you can view the Slash model in-progress here.

The “Slash” Guitar in Progress

The “Slash” Model guitar features an Ancient (3000 years old) Sitka Spruce top, “The Tree ” back and sides, Ebony binding lined with sterling Silver, beveled arm rest, Gotoh 510 tuners with petrified whale vertebrae buttons, sterling silver in-lay, an asymmetrical figured Honduran Mahogany neck for easy hand positioning, 1¾″ nut width, 2¼″ string spacing, and a pinless bridge.

"The Tree" sides, bent
“The Tree” sides, bent
"The Tree" back and sides, braced and assembled
“The Tree” back and sides, braced and assembled
Inspiration for the rosette
Inspiration for the rosette

The inspiration for the rosette came to me, much like all my best thinking, while on an ocean-side walk. It was a beautiful sunny morning when I came across this rusty electrical part sitting on the rocky shore after the tide had receded. It was sitting upright, so when looking down at it I saw a vision of a volume dial. Back in the shop is when I could actually start pulling pieces of wire from the object. I scraped the coating that was on the wire due to sitting in the ocean. What I found was the wiring was actually aluminum, which could be used directly in the rosette. Now to actually create the rosette…
After doing a simple mock up rosette for Slash’s approval, I felt I could carry the theme of “electric” within the rosette design. This was done by running the aluminum wiring in a circular manner with simple “Rises and Falls” of the wire to create the feeling of energy, in a heartbeat monitor fashion, and encasing the wires with ebony, trimmed on the inside and outside of the rosette with “Fine (Pure) Silver.” To visually connect the rosette with the body of the guitar, I will be installing pure silver perfling inside the binding. It’s a very simple rosette. I am recycling the aluminum wire, yet due to the cost of the pure silver it is my most expensive rosette design to date.

Close -up view of the finished rosette, lined with Silver
The finished rosette is lined with Silver
Hand made petrified whale vertebrae buttons on Gotoh 510 tuners
Petrified whale vertebra buttons on Gotoh510 tuners
Bracing for the inside of the Ancient Glacier Sitka Spruce top
Inside bracing of the Ancient Glacier Spruce top

Slash Commissions Custom JOI Guitar

The world re-knowned, grammy winning, rock and roll hall-of-famer, SLASH, of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver fame, has commissioned a custom built guitar from JOI Guitars. How excited are we???!!!   Words can’t express!

This summer Reuben Forsland of JOI Guitars worked together with Symphontree Music owner Kevin Hennig to secure a contract to build Slash his own signature model acoustic guitar.  Known for carrying some of the rarest and most exquisite woods and interesting materials for in-lays, JOI offered it all up for Slash, who has chosen an amazing combination.

The “Slash” Model will feature an Ancient (3000 years old) Glacier Spruce top, “The Tree ” back and sides, Ebony binding lined with sterling silver, beveled arm rest, Gotoh 510 tuners with petrified whale vertebrae buttons, figured Honduran Mahogany neck, sterling silver in-lay, 1¾″ nut width, 2¼″ string spacing, and choice of three different bridge designs including Pinless.

This unique combination of materials is sure to create a monumental instrument!Slash and Reuben Forsland

Reuben met up with Slash to discuss some of the finer details of the build after his August concert with his new band “Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators” in Coquitlam. The new band is awesome, btw. They really rocked the house, and left everyone’s ears ringing and  wanting more!

Follow along and view the progress of building the “Slash” model guitar.
Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators concert in Coquitlam Aug15/14

“The Tree”

JOI Guitars is pleased to offer you another of the finest and most coveted woods in the world!"The Tree" wood

In 1965, within the heart of the jungle, a group of loggers came across an exceptional Mahogany tree. Measuring 10ft wide at the mid-trunk and 50ft at the base, it had a spiraled back. This was a sign the wood could be highly figured.

The loggers camped at the base of the giant and felled it with axes. But they were robbed of their prize by fate. On the way down, the tree twisted and landed in a steep ravine. Two D7 tractors were brought in to extricate the fallen tree, but to no avail.

So there it lay until 1971 when a sawmill owner by the name of Robert Novak heard of the giant figured Mahogany tree. In 1983, after some searching, he found the log. The tree was halved, then quartered, and the resulting eight pieces were dragged, carried and floated for 200 miles to a steam powered bandsaw mill.

“It’s more brown than red, and is denser and stiffer than usual for Mahogany. It sounds closer to Rosewood than Mahogany.”