moon spruce

Coral Reef Custom Design

This Coral Reef guitar made from “The Tree” back and sides and a bear-clawed Swiss Moon Spruce top garnered huge praise from it’s buyer:  “It’s a beautiful instrument. Congrats! The neck and the action feel just right for me. The sound is full and powerful. Plus I love how the rosette turned out vis-à-vis the spruce background.”

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Coral Reef guitar - backCoral Reef guitar - front

Coral Reef guitar - Rosette Coral Reef guitar - 12th fret design


This Moon Spruce is from a mountainous area of Switzerland. For centuries, lumber has been cut exclusively in the winter, and then, only at certain times in accordance with the phases of the moon. It is believed that…
The Rosette was designed to symbolize a Coral Reef. It is made with pieces of “The Tree” set against the light Spruce background. Binding and beveled arm rest are Ebony, and the 12th fret design is a representation of the Moon Spruce top: Moon with Spruce trees in silhouette.



Moon Spruce from Switzerland

JOI guitars just acquired 3 sets of Moon Spruce tops from Switzerland. Check out this video to see why Moon Spruce tops offer such an amazing tone.