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Slash Commissions Custom JOI Guitar

The world re-knowned, grammy winning, rock and roll hall-of-famer, SLASH, of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver fame, has commissioned a custom built guitar from JOI Guitars. How excited are we???!!!   Words can’t express!

This summer Reuben Forsland of JOI Guitars worked together with Symphontree Music owner Kevin Hennig to secure a contract to build Slash his own signature model acoustic guitar.  Known for carrying some of the rarest and most exquisite woods and interesting materials for in-lays, JOI offered it all up for Slash, who has chosen an amazing combination.

The “Slash” Model will feature an Ancient (3000 years old) Glacier Spruce top, “The Tree ” back and sides, Ebony binding lined with sterling silver, beveled arm rest, Gotoh 510 tuners with petrified whale vertebrae buttons, figured Honduran Mahogany neck, sterling silver in-lay, 1¾″ nut width, 2¼″ string spacing, and choice of three different bridge designs including Pinless.

This unique combination of materials is sure to create a monumental instrument!Slash and Reuben Forsland

Reuben met up with Slash to discuss some of the finer details of the build after his August concert with his new band “Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators” in Coquitlam. The new band is awesome, btw. They really rocked the house, and left everyone’s ears ringing and  wanting more!

Follow along and view the progress of building the “Slash” model guitar.
Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators concert in Coquitlam Aug15/14

Ancient Sitka Spruce

40 tonnes of soil was dug up to unearth this extremely rare Sitka Spruce that has been radio carbon dated to about 2850 BP = 3,180 calender years old. Born 1230 BC.Discovering the Ancient Glacier Sitka Sruce

It’s beautiful blue-grey colour is a result of soaking in the Earth’s minerals left behind by the receding glacier in which it was perfectly preserved for so many years. Ancient glacier Sitka Spruce top

As glaciers flow or recede, there is a mechanical grinding of the bedrock below, which produces glacier flour, or glacier silt. These fine-grained, silt-sized particles of rock are rich in minerals and depending on the type of rock, will produce colours ranging from grey to blue to green. You may have seen this effect in various mountain lakes and rivers.

JOI Guitars is excited to be in possession of 5 sets of these ancient Sitka tops. The tap tone of these tops produces a deep, resonant bass with a clear high finish.

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