JOI Guitars

The "Equilibrium" Guitar

Old growth Alaskan Sitka spruce top provides natural sound holes eaten by the Toredo bug during the wood’s former boom log days. The back and sides are salvaged Vancouver Island Spartan Apple wood, with South American Bloodwood binding, Mahogany neck, and Walrus tooth nut and saddle. It also features a sound port and beveled arm rest. Pictured here, is the Mini Jumbo with 14 fret to the neck, 25.4″ scale length, and Gotoh 510 tuners. 15-1/2″ lower bout, 11-5/8″ upper bout, 4-1/2″ deep, 19-15/16″ long. Can be crafted as OOO, OO, OM, MJ, or Dreadnaught.

Apple wood produces a rich mid-range and balance without favouring the mid and treble frequencies. It is clean and articulate with sustain and clarity much like cherry or maple.

“Equilibrium” – the condition of a system in which all competing influences are balanced, in a wide variety of contexts.
This guitar is inspired by my amazing father: his battle with crack addiction, homelessness, and yet still a wonderful, amazing addition to humankind. Although this guitar is a story inspired by him, I feel it speaks more to humankind itself, with our need to be balanced in life. We all have challenges presented to us throughout our life, and finding the balance in our choice is not always the road we choose. This can lead to what could be called “holes in our lives;” times when we are not quite whole within ourselves. Though, through self inspiration and strength it is always possible to again be in “Equilibrium.”