Ellipse Bracing

JOI Guitars

JOI guitars proprietary Ellipse bracing system is designed to balance the tonal responses of the back of the guitar. How do we do this?
By creating a completely new design in bracing systems for the back as well as reducing bracing weight.

Inspired by the West Coast First Nations canoe shape and strength, our Ellipse bracing married century old ideas and concepts of strength, mixed with modern technique and product to create an amazing bracing system.

The focus of the bracing pattern is to create a superior balanced back sounding board.
This is done with 6 laminations of wood which separate forming an ellipse with 2 pairs of 3 laminations and then return to 6 again as it reaches the guitar’s sides. The equally spaced bracing of the lower bout allows for a balanced response, while the ellipse shape of the brace is designed to create a pivot point allowing the back of the instrument to roll with the movement as it responds to kinetic energy when being played.

The strength to weight ratio of the lamination also far surpasses that of your standard spruce bracing. This reduction of weight on the back plate of the guitar creates a fuller, improved quality of tone and resonance.