Custom Rosette

Rosette designs can be tailored uniquely for you. We also have an ever increasing selection of designs to choose from, and if you would like, you could even have a personal item in-layed to create your own story.

Florentine Cutaway

For a playing style that calls for alot of finger work high up the neck, a cutaway will give you access to those upper register notes. The Florentine cutaway style is very complex and labour intensive to craft, but it’s beauty is well worth it.

Fully Mitered Purflings and Design

Our fully mitered body purflings and design touches add the final impressions to an already beautiful guitar. Choose from a single black stripe to fine violin lines of black and white to herringbone style, or Pure silver. Design touches can be customized to your liking.

Arm Bevel

Originally designed by Grit Laskin, the bevel rest has become a popular feature that allows for comfort while playing, and eases the stress on the forearm tendons that we use to play with.

Proprietary Bracing System

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Pinless Bridge

JOI Guitars’ proprietary pinless bridge design is thinner and lighter weight than most standard bridges so as to mitigate the affect of dampening the vibrations of the soundboard. Strings are fed in through holes in the bottom of the bridge and you’ll never have to worry about pins popping out again. The organic flowing shape was inspired by the curves of a sexy guitar.