September 16, 2015

The Raven Guitar for the One Tree Exhibit

Since the One Tree Exhibit is celebrating the past, present, and future of a particular Bigleaf Maple tree, I considered celebrating the tree’s Native heritage in the design of this guitar. Afterall, it’s possible that this tree was first born during a predominantly First Nations occupation of the area.

I am, therefore, very pleased to be collaborating with K’omox band First Nations artist Karver Everson on the One Tree project. Karver has meticulously designed a work of native art called “Raven” which I have incorporated into the front of the “One Tree” guitar using a Red Cedar top in-layed with Yellow Cedar and Ebony trim.

Raven guitar for the "One Tree" exhibit

This top is still in it’s rough stage. I can’t wait to show you how the finished guitar will look and sound… The final masterpiece of the the Raven guitar, as it was presented at the Robert Bateman gallery, can be viewed in “Special Projects”.